All you need to know about the Habib vs Porrier fight

The UFC 242 tournament will be held on 7th of September in Abu Dhabi. The main event at The Yas Island Arena will be a duel for the UFC lightweight champion title (up to 70.3 kg) between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Porrier.

The Russian fighter is the current champion. He won the title on April 7, 2018, defeating American professional MMA competitor Al Iaquinta. On October 6, Nurmagomedov defended his belt, forcing Conor McGregor to surrender.

In the case of long downtime of the champion, UFC appoints a duel, that allows competing for a temporary title. On April 13, Dustin Porrier and Max Holloway (the best in the featherweight division) fought for the belt of the temporary lightweight champion. According to the decision of the judges, Dustin won and took the belt as an interim champion.

Usually, such UFC tournaments are held in the USA. However, historically the organization’s leaders have good relations with businessmen from Abu Dhabi, so the capital of the UAE was chosen as the arena for the clash between Habib and Porrier. Other worthy bouts are scheduled for this event too, but the abovementioned one is “a must-see”. If you’d like to bet on the headliners’ fight or other bouts, we would recommend one of the sites in this list…ites-2019/.

Nurmagomedov is an unequivocal favorite, even though Porrier is in great shape. Habib is one of the few UFC fighters with no loses. Porrier has a series of five consecutive wins (three knockouts), but he has never met such a high-level rival as Habib before.

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